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All services & programs of the Washington County Soil & Water Conservation District are offered on a non-discriminatory basis

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It is the primary mission of Washington County Soil and Water Conservation District to improve economic performance of Washington County's natural resources to benefit Washington County residents by encouraging independent application of proven resource protection measures.

Who we are
The purposes of districts are to focus attention on land, water, and related resource problems; to develop programs to solve them; to enlist and coordinate help from all public and private sources that can contribute to accomplishing the district goals, and to make all citizens aware of the interrelationship between human activities and the natural environment. Districts are managed by local citizens who know local problems.

What we do
Common concerns of conservation districts include: developing conservation plans for landowners; water quality and supply; timber management; installing conservation practices; wildlife management; conservation education; preservation of agricultural land; establishing priorities for agency efforts; publicity; legislation; recognition of volunteer efforts; promotional efforts such as exhibits tours, contests, erosion and sedimentation plan reviews; watershed management and natural resource surveys and inventories.

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