Reliable, safe and cheap electricity

What are the three most important things about your electrical service? Reliability, safety and cost, no? They might not be in that particular order, but roughly the answers are the same.

Some companies have implemented tree trimming strategies, that allow their lineman to locate the electricity/outage problems faster and mend them in the matter of minutes, not hours or days. They are also replacing the power lines with newer, stronger and more reliable ones.

Cost has been debated to death. Investing in energy-saving appliances pays big time, especially if the old ones were using a lot of power.

The second thing is using rebates for electricity use in out of peak hours and times. These programs help the electricity companies reduce the peak demands.

Third, it is rebate programs for energy efficient homes. Adding insulation to walls and attics, properly sealing the windows are all easily implemented, and mean that the homeowners will need less energy to achieve the same air temperature for proper living conditions.

Not only this saves (A LOT OF MONEY) to the end customers, but also reduces the peak loads on the energy plant, saves electricity and thus helps the planet.

According to simply sealing the uncontrolled air leaks saves between 10 and 20% of the annual heating bill, which results in savings of about $100 per annum. Weather stripping windows saves 5-10% of the bills which equals to up to $80 per year. The list goes on and on. They’ve calculated that is the average Us consumer implemented all their tips, this could potentially save them $1100+ per year.

The third most important thing is safety. Companies invest in making the power lines safer, educating the people on the most common electrical safety measures, and of course, providing the lineman with the necessary safety equipment. Their job is potentially very dangerous, and they are required to lug around their extremely heavy safety gear. Many employers provide their lineman with all the necessary ppe while others require their employees to purchase it themselves. The PPE includes hard hat, safety gloves, special lineman boots, their tool belt and all the extra equipment which adds up to a good amount. However, it is safety above all, so investing in the good equipment is a small price to pay for the safety it provides. A man’s life is invaluable and irreplaceable.

Methods for purifying water for your water reserves

Water is the most important element when stocking up for a hurricane or other disaster. The recommended quantity is to store 3 gallons of water per person for each day the disaster will presumably last. But sometimes, disasters can last longer than anticipated, so knowing how to purify water from an alternative water source could potentially save your life. Since your source could be a river, lake or other, the water will not only taste and smell bad, but could be harmful because of the microorganisms and pollutants in it. This is why you will need to purify it before consuming it. It is always a better idea to get water from moving sources if you can.

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How to help the environment and conserve soil

Soil erosion removes the organic matter, nutrients and the microorganisms which are vital for the plants and to any arable land. Not only is this soil crucial for the people because almost all of the food is plant-based, and it is also an important issue because most of the soil which is lost ends up in rivers, lakes and other natural water sources, which pollutes them because of the fertilizers and pesticides used for agriculture.

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