Clever hoax to bring attention to a good cause – the Wine to Water miracle machine

When two wine industry gurus pitch a new miracle machine that can turn water to wine on Kickstarter, I couldn’t help but wonder. Isn’t this too good of a deal to be true. I immediately imagined the continuous wine supply that would flow directly into my basement and started drooling at the opportunity. However, the asking Thomas inside me, kept asking. He knew far too well that the only free thing in this world is the cheese in the mouse trap.

But what kind of a trap is this? After all you pay for it, don’t you? You do, Thomas said, but at the cheap price of $500 this is not exactly buying. I can call it a steal, or the best deal in the century.

More and more organizations joined the tribe and publish even more stories about the miracle contraption. After more than 7000 people signed up for their newsletter and waited holding their breath. And waited and waited. But no one received this miracle machine. Because it turned out it was a cleverly directed promotion of the charity Wine to Water.

The charity, was founded by a bartender thus the name, aims to bring clean water to the people in need mainly in Africa. The bartender Dan initially held wine testing events and wanted to donate all the money via the conventional channels. He changed his mind and went straight up the places that needed water to see with his eyes the reality. He was shell shocked from what he has seen.

Water wells were destroyed and dead animal carcasses were thrown in water wells to spoil water and poison the people who drink it. They’ve found that they needn’t kill people with bullets. Spoiling their water sources was faster and more efficient way to eliminate people. Doc stepped in and decided that it is much more financially profitable to repair existing wells than building new ones. He founded the charity Wine to Water whose aim was to provide clean water to the less fortunate people in more than 11 countries like Ethiopia and Uganda.

It is amazing what the charity has achieved. If you want to support their work, go o their site and donate money or volunteer your work and join them around the world to work on WW projects. The third choice is to fundraise independently and donate them the proceedings. It is up to you to decide what how you want to help, but if you  want to go with the third option we can recommend wine testing events or giving away coupons for things like bartending shoes, bottles of good wine, or anything else you can think of.

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